Secure your wealth by investing in commodities as a hedge against the depreciating Rand.

Why should you invest in gold & silver?

The answer is quite simple.  Gold is produced at a rate of about 2 ounces per second, that means $2 800 per second at a price of $1400/Oz.

World debt is created at around $50 000 per second. The US Dollar is called FIAT money and there is no back-up for it. FIAT money always bears interest that must be added to the debt.

If the paper debt is created more than 17 times faster than its monetary reserve or the only tangible asset they can use as a back-up, it means that paper currencies are losing value at a fast speed.

The global financial system is nearing a point of imploding. Bank depositors are getting increasingly concerned about the safety of their deposits with banks as legislation is now being changed around the globe to make provision for bail-ins.

A panic run to gold and silver is a high possibility.  Investing in gold or silver can be regarded as your insurance premium for protecting your pension assets.



How does it work?

Member’s funds are unitized in separate gold, silver, crypto, and saving pools. The pools are valued each day and funds flowing in or out will buy or redeem units at the unit price of the day. Members are free to decide how deposits are to be allocated in the available pools.

The pools are managed and controlled by the Co-op but owned by members via units. A member may at any time redeem his units for cash or for precious metals in the pool or a combination thereof.

The Crypto Pool is the only pool not invested in hard metals yet. Funds are invested in crypto and in paper instruments and it is typically a high-risk-high-potential-return type of investment.

To invest in any available pool, it is necessary to be a member of AMARA CAPITAL Primary Cooperative Ltd.

Deposits can be made via EFT, Debit order, or Crypto Currency as indicated. Withdrawals can also be made in FIAT or Crypto Currency..

All personal data, holdings, and co-op information are kept strictly confidential.  Although members can view their holdings online or via the mobile app, movements are not done online.

Switch or withdraw at any time

Members may at any time withdraw units (partially or in full) by way of CASH, gold, silver or from their respective pools or by way of a COMBINATION of CASH and PRECIOUS METALS.

Cash withdrawals from the gold or silver pool will be made at a WHOLESALE price unless the pool needs to liquidate some gold or silver to release cash. This could happen if a member or members withdraw or switch more than 2% of the value of the pool on short notice.

Should a member opt to withdraw (take delivery of) gold or silver, it can either be collected from our dispatch point or be sent to the member by secure courier.

Switching (Transfers between Pools)

Members may at any time switch between the pools.  Units will be redeemed in the pool from which the switch is made, and units purchased in the pool to which the switch is made.

[The cost of switching is 0.25% of the value of the units switched].

About Us

AMARA CAPITAL Primary Cooperative Ltd, Reg No 2021/600596/24, offers a brilliant and outstanding structure for investors to invest in precious metals, crypto currencies and trade derivatives.

The main advantages include:

  • Lone of the lowest cost structures in the market (both in buying and selling).
  • Ability to switch between different precious metals.
  • An investor can invest as little as R500, and as much as wanted.
  • Total flexibility regarding delivery.
  • Inexpensive safe custody, appropriately insured, if storage is required.
  • Fast and easy ability to switch from precious metals to cash, if needed, and switching back inexpensively if you want to.
  • Members pools (Gold and Silver) are 100% backed by the precious metals in the pool.
  • Crypto pools are not backed by precious metals yet.

Members always retain ownership of their pool. The management of the Co-op is controlled by members.

​​​​​​​AMARA CAPITAL is growing from strength to strength with pools in silver, gold, crypto and a savings pool. We have the capacity to expand into other pools at any time when there is a need in the market

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